We believe that cryptopcurrencies have the potential to change and revolutionize the global modern ecosystem. Not just in form of digital currencies or assets, also the underlaying blockchain technology, that can get utilized in many different ways as a decentralized data system, is capable of changing industries, sectors and business processes worldwide. There are tons of possible use cases getting implemented on a daily basis, but also, when you’re only comparing the blockchain as currency, there are many aspects of them providing an easy way that could solve problems that financial companies and institutions face globally.

Nowadays, in most western and modern countries there are several ways for entrepreneurs, groups or companies that allow them to get some type of investment for the realization of their vision – which can, for example, be projects as tools, technologies, inventions or detections that could possibly change the world, by being completely new or adopting earlier methods and thoughts that may weren’t as convenient so people didn’t actually use it. But what is with people, entrepreneurs and enterprises in less developed environments, where they simply don’t have the possibility to request an investment? Or people, that are refused of getting support, because their ideas might be too groundbreaking and scaring to the institutions and their stakeholders that are handing out these loans? For anybody of us it’s not a secret that a smaller part of the people living on this earth do have these possibilities, because it just has been that way in the past of all of our lives. But nobody speaks about it, because they see a problem that seems to big to resolve.

Through events like the crisis in 2008, people like us lost our trust and started to recognize problems in our current system, which applies  for most advanced and modern countries worldwide. This was the era where the bitcoin and the whole blockchain technology was founded. Blockchain may aroused excitement and adaption since it’s invention, but cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, is still ages from being common even though it’s technology could solve most of the global, financial problems we have.

So what we really want to do is coming up with an use case for cryptocurrencies, that gets actually used. An use case, that offers more than the solutions we have besides the blockchain. An use case that’s so self-explaining, that people will get inspired by it’s simplicity and ultimately drives the adoption of this forward thinking idea of the independent blockchain.

you own it

your virtual coins aren’t stored on any external system nor account that’s owned by somebody else than yourself – only on your private, secure and anonymous wallet which makes it resistant against any in- or deflation due to central market regulators as governances

global accessibility

On the earth we live, there are billions of individuals that have access to the Internet or mobile phones, but currently don’t have it to traditional exchanges, these people get the possibility to access the global cryptocurrency market.

fast and simple payments

simple transactions on a public accessible blockchain allow users to transfer money much faster and cheaper than on any other global payment method

transparency and anonymity

transactions on a blockchain are fully visible since all the transaction inormation are stored in a public accessable decentralized network. Every transaction is trackable on the blockchain while the senders and receivers still keep their privacy due to unpersonalized wallet adresses

decentralization for independece of governmental control

A global network of computers use the Ethereum blockchain technology to jointly manage the database where transactions get recorded. Cryptocurrencies are managed by their networks, not by any central authority, which equals the independece of governmental control.

the future of financing

Cryptocurrencies are still in their early days and far away from bigger adoption, but the technology behind and the projects coming with it can be capable of solving most of the problems our global financial market has.