Helveticoin Review

First global blockchain based crowdfunding platform.
Made in Switzerland.


Helveticoin is an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency used as a digital asset on and for the first blockchain-based crowdfunding platform made in Switzerland. Helveticoin Foundation wants to build a platform that allows entrepreneurs and independent, small and medium-sized enterprises to present their projects to a wide range of potential investors and possibly fund them through cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to build a platform for the people that are refused or incapable of receiving governmental and industrial support pertaining to their sector and location or lack of resources.

Helveticoin wants to back people and enterprises from every sector or industry. But investors can profit off Helveticoin and its upcoming platform as well. A potential part of community-funded projects gets divided by the holders of helveticoins, which are receiving a payback through holding coins. the splitting is proportional to the total numbers of the tokens and will work with smart contracts.

Helveticoin is – as indicated by its name – based, hosted and created in Switzerland, where there is an in depth convenient environment for running a blockchain-based digital asset. Switzerland gets often referred to as a crypto valley due to its wide and comprehensive acceptance for cryptocurrencies and a friendly sphere for technical development, even in sectors as conservative as finance or banking – for instance, certain regions let Swiss citizens already pay their taxes in cryptocurrencies, thus Bitcoin. Switzerland has also a strong history as one of worlds number one banking sector and the associated security and anonymity for customers as in the Swiss banking secret. Helveticoin Foundation combines progressive and advanced blockchain technology on the basis of these national key values in order to deliver a platform, where all parties involved can profit off. We want to challenge investors and the way people are achieving funds by offering a new possibility to do so utilizing the blockchain, increasing the speed, cyber-security, and anonymity of the involved persons and stakeholders, and opening room for ideas by new people in a completely new market.

This use case, the platform that will be called Helveti, will offer an alternative possibility of collecting funds for independent ideas, concepts, and projects. Our vision is to build the first, global blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. The solution we are working on is and ERC-20 based token which works by smart contacts on the blockchain. We are stoked to provide possible crowdfunding-based investments to everybody’s projects and want to approach the people, that were refused to get fundings or investments not exclusively, but for the very first time. People were refused to get governmental, institutional, private or sector-based fundings or investments due to several reasons, as their location, their sector, their stakeholder relationships or even their idea itself. By using cryptocurrencies, we do not only provide financial independency, the possibility to disposing the money they own without interactions, control or charges by thirds or the completely anonymity of their funds. Also is the blockchain free to use, and easy accessible for everyone that has the possibility to enter the Internet.

Helveticoin is a digital asset used as profit shares on this platform. A percentual part of the community-funded projects gets divided by the holders of helveticoins, which are receiving a payback through holding coins. the splitting is proportional to the total numbers of the tokens and works by smart contacts. The Helveticoins will get exclusively offered during our Token Sale. The offering is split into three stages, the Pre-Sale, the ICO and the Crowdsale. 

We, the Helveticoin foundation are a Swiss team consisting primarily of programmers, consultants, students, and engineers from the IT sector, but also people from different branches of marketing for example, who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and their rise and potential. Based in Zürich, Switzerland’s biggest city, we are working together in terms of cryptocurrencies since 2015.

We are believing that cryptocurrencies are our future appertaining to financing and can help and change the ecosystem of single people, whole industries, and independent companies worldwide. We see significant issues in the global financial system, which is mostly controlled by private banks and western governments, where mainly the rich profit and the poor suffer – cryptocurrency could be resolving these issues in the future by making money accessible, transparent, fast, and ownable for everybody and implementing thoughtful use cases that revolutionize the way that we live – through the power of the people.

2015 we started to develop use cases and we’ve come to sense that there are tons of people out there with ideas that could change the way of our lives but are refused to get support or the possibility to scoop the potential of their ideas due to several impacts. We believe in the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies and We are working as a collective on the Helveti project.

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